Choose your pricing plan

  • Doggie Day care

    Every week
    Your pooch spends the day with us
    • Collect and drop off service
    • Up to 8 hours with us (extra hours charged at £1.50)
    • Walks and feed included
    • Administration of medicine if required
    • Cuddles and Play time included
  • Dog Walk

    We walk your pooch for you
    • We collect and return your pooch after a one hour walk
  • Twice the fun Daily

    Every week
    Two visits a day for cuddles and a walk (cats or dogs)
    • Two visits
    • Tidy up animal mess
    • Cuddles and play time
    • 4 hours between visits
    • A walk if required
  • Cuddles and Care

    We come and spend time with your animals
    • We come to your home whilst you are out
    • We give 30 minutes love and attention
    • Cuddles galore
    • We ensure food and water are available
    • We clean litter trays and any ness
    • Cats and dogs (2nd animal FREE) (third charged at 50%)
  • Double Whammy

    Every week
    Midweek Walks and cuddles
    • 1 hour walk per pooch
    • 30 minutes play and cuddle at home
    • cats and dogs included
    • Daily Monday to Friday
  • Small Animal DayCare

    Looking after the furries
    • Ensuring food and water are available
    • Spending time and caring for small animals
    • Cuddles are free (except for the fish)
    • Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, MIce, Rats, Birds, Fish
  • Two's Company

    Every week
    Two visits a day
    • Up to a 45 minute walk during a visit
    • Up to 30 minutes on a second visit later in the day
    • Visits can be either way to suit you or the dog
    • Feeding included, water access check
    • Play time and cuddles included
  • Weekday Walkies

    Ideal for if you are at work during the week
    • One hour a day walking the dog(s) Monday to Friday
  • Weekday Cuddles

    Every week
    Mon to Fri Cuddle time
    • 30 minutes cuddle time daily
    • Water and feed checks
    • Toilet and mess clearing up
  • Poultry Care

    We check on your birds whilst you are out
    • Ensuring food and water are available
    • Ensuring the coop and run is secure
    • feed and spend time with your birds
  • Poultry Play Time

    Every week
    Weekday Chicken care
    • 30 minutes daily feed and water checks
    • Ensure safety of all birds in flock and security of pen
    • Spend time with the birds
  • Poultry Holidays

    Your birds come to us
    • We collect and return your birds
    • They stay in our metal 11' x 11' runs with a coop
    • The runs have metal floors sides and roof
    • Animals are fed & watered and cared for whilst you are away
    • Fee is for 6 birds or less - Add £1 per bird above that.